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Composite Adversary Force

IMC, Inc. is a premier provider of all source professional services, logistics, information technology, support and all facets of cradle to grave security support. We are currently seeking an experienced Composite Adversary Force (CAF) candidate who will meet and exceed the needs of our client.

Position Description

The individual hired for this position is responsible for:

  • To provide a group of tactical operators to role-play as terrorist adversaries and facilitate rigorous performance testing of the nuclear power plants most critical protection systems.
  • Force on Force (FOF) exercises involve simulated combat between mock adversary teams with DBT capabilities and nuclear plant security forces.
  • The adversaries attempt to destroy an entire target set’s worth of equipment and hence cause significant damage to the reactor core or to spent fuel in wet storage, and plant security officers try to prevent the adversaries from achieving their goal
  • Role-playing as the adversary in force-on-force performance tests of DOE protective forces. This mission requirement includes planning, preparing, and executing tactical assaults against significant targets to achieve test objectives established by the Office of Security Evaluations.
  • Role-playing in limited-scope performance tests to assess specific elements of a site’s protection system. These activities vary in size and complexity, and may include executing scenarios of many different types whose structures range from closely-scripted to free-play
  • Testing the effectiveness of detection and assessment systems and delay barriers by employing basic and advanced techniques during deliberate attempts to penetrate or otherwise defeat them.

Requirement Qualifications:

The individual hired for this position must have the following:

  • Must possess a minimum of High School diploma or pass an equivalent performance examination
  • Must be able to successfully pass a physical examination
  • Must not have any convicted felonies

Other Position Data:

  • Position Type: Full Time Contract – 18 months
  • Location: Springfield, VA (Travel 85%)
  • Worksite: TBD
  • Work Hours: TBD
  • Position Start Date: TBD
  • Salary Range: Commensurate with experience

SUBMIT RESUME > imc@imcg.org