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IMC offers an impressive line of services that are all specifically designed to each customer’s specifications. These services fall into eight categories: Red Team Vulnerability Assessments, Information Operations (IO), Security Management and Operations, Operations Security (OPSEC), Program Management, Consultation, Education and Training, and Force Protection.

  1. Red Team Vulnerability Assessments. IMC can provide physical and/or cyber assessments of a Blue Team or Red Team variety. The Blue Team assessment is one in which company areas of the customer’s choosing are assessed with full co-operation and participation by company personnel. The Red Team assessment is just the opposite, the assessment takes the form of an adversary outside your organization attempting to find vulnerabilities and then exploiting them to the company’s detriment.

    In any of the assessments, the cyber, physical, Blue Team or Red Team assessment, the job is only half finished when a vulnerability is discovered. IMC will then work closely with your personnel to ensure that techniques to mitigate the risk associated with a vulnerability are developed and implemented.

    IMC has more than seven years experience in managing and conducting assessments in this relatively new approach to finding and mitigating risks to successful operations. Red teaming is relevant to every enterprise that conducts any activity on the Internet or has information required to conduct business positioned in the public domain.

  2. Information Operations (IO). IMC has the capability to support clients in all aspects of IO we are particularly well placed in the areas of Electronic Warfare, Cyber security and Operations Security (OPSEC)

  3. Security Management and Operations. Provide support to Information Security Managers in addressing security management issues such as, the development and editing of security documentation, policy, security plans and regulation, and assist in the certification and authorization process (C&A) of information systems.

  4. OPSEC. IMC will develop and assist in implementing a tailored OPSEC program to improve user awareness, security training and incident handling procedures,

  5. Program Management. No project is too small or too large for IMC to tackle. IMC personnel experience covers the gambit from small short term projects to multi-billion dollar Department of Defense (DoD) A Category (ACAT-1 ) programs, such as the US Air Force’s Electronic Warfare Research and Development Program. IMC will be there from your program cradle to grave.

  6. Consultations. IMC personnel’s credentials in the Information Operations arena are world class. We participated in the development of the US’s first National Policy for Information Warfare, the drafting of the Presidential Decision Document (PDD)-63 that established the initial framework for the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure. Additionally, IMC Principles established the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) first IO policy, instituted NATO’s IO program and assisted Germany and the Netherlands in establishing their programs.

  7. Education and Training. IMC has USAF Air Training Command educated instructors on staff. We can completely build your training program from scratch, populate the training modules and provide platform instructors as required.

  8. Force Protection. IMC has unique experience developing and conducting adversarial Force Protection Assessments for both CONUS and OCONUS applications.

IMC has a definite advantage in providing these services as a result of a broad experience base in each of these areas.